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Fishwrap’s nutty over the Holy See’s ending of “tropes” during the Agnus Dei

I am sure you have heard this at one point or another… perhaps even too often.  Hitherto in many places, during the last stage of preparation before the distribution of Holy Communion, if the work at the altar was going … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Am I forbidden to kneel after the Agnus Dei?

From a reader:
Our parish has always knelt for the Second Elevation (after the Agnus Dei). This is a regular Novus Ordo Mass. Our priest retired and now our new temporary priest has instructed us to remain standing. I want to … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: “Vamp till ready” during the “Lamb of God”

From a reader:
It seems that recently our parish, at the direction of or with the consent of our priest has changed the wording of the Agnus Dei.
Apparently, saying “Lamb of God” three times is boring and silly so now we … Continue reading

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