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Of Cassius, Caesar, and the Al Smith Dinner

If you watch the video of Card. Dolan’s final words and blessing at the end of the Al Smith Dinner (HERE), you will hear him quip in a self-deprecating way that he had hoped that Gov. Christie of New Jersey … Continue reading

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POLL: Obama and Romney at Tanagra… er um… Al Smith Dinner

Gov. Romney’s speech at the Al Smith Dinner: [wp_youtube]R4Cw-UdQNtw[/wp_youtube] POLLS! [wp_youtube]-Gy3a50vVSk[/wp_youtube] UPDATE: And for the sake of being complete: [wp_youtube]NvuWVPSMf6g[/wp_youtube]

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Of Card. Dolan, Pres. Obama and the Al Smith Dinner

I have received at least a hundred emails asking my opinion of the situation. Having turned it over in my mind, I originally thought that if Pope Paul VI could met with Idi Amin Dada, Card. Dolan could meet with … Continue reading

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