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Anglican Communion suspends US Episcopal Church over same-sex “marriage”

Before anything else let me say: Anglicanorum coetibus! Here’s something slightly interesting. From USA Today: Anglicans suspend Episcopal Church over stance on same-sex marriage The Anglican Communion suspended the Episcopal Church, it’s American branch, from voting and decision-making for three years … Continue reading

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Anglicans, come home!

For all wavering Anglicans I have one thing to say… and I know that it is one your minds…. Anglicanorum coetibus. From the Post-Gazette: Summit could determine fate of Anglican Church It could be a meeting of hearts, or it … Continue reading

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Now is the time! Romanorum coetibus!

I think it was the late Fr. Richard John Neuhaus who said that the Anglican Church existed in order to make irony redundant. They took another step in perfecting irony by approving wyshops… errrr. women “bishops”. There is a Vatican … Continue reading

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Pope Francis prays for success of initiative to convert Anglicans

In the wake of the decision of the State tethered Church of England to have wyshyps (female bishops), the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham set up a “Exploration Day”. You know that the Ordinariate was created according to the … Continue reading

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The Wrong Stuff: Anglicans on the course of self-destruction.

One of our frequent commentators here sent me this (appetite spoiling) photo with this: The Right Stuff? (Remember the scene with the 7 astronauts in space suits? Get a load of these photos of “clergy” arriving for vote on wymen … Continue reading

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Church of England to dump “sin” and “devil” from baptism rite?

The leading prelate of the Church of England, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, who recently called Pope Francis his own Person of the Year, has been a busy bee! From The Mail: [Archpb. of Canterbury] Welby [Anglican] casts out ‘sin’ … Continue reading

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BRICK BY BRICK: 1st Anglican Ordinariate “praying heart” monastery in England!

For your Brick by Brick file, I received a press release about the founding of the Anglican Ordinariate in England’s first monastery! Ordinariate formally establishes its “praying heart” On January 1, the Solemnity of Mary, the Holy Mother of God, … Continue reading

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So, a couple of lesbians walk into an Anglican church…

Over at CMR there is a story about how a couple of Lesbians brought a child to an Anglican vicar asking for baptism for the child. The Lesbians wanted to be, both of them, listed as “mother”. The vicar refused. … Continue reading

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It’s Twofer Day!

Reason #6675 for Anglicanorum coetibus. But wait!  There’s more! Reason #367588 for Summorum Pontificum. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cMrvcORsDLI&feature=player_embedded Remember: We are supposed to be more like them, right?  

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Pope Francis changes rules for who can join Anglican Ordinariates

This is really interesting. Do you remember some reports that, not long ago, some people were claiming that Pope Francis, still in Argentina, pooh-pooed any need for an Anglican Ordinariate.  Remember that?  BBC HERE. Read what follows and ask yourself … Continue reading

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