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QUAERITUR: Anglicans using a Catholic church for their services

From a reader:
I have been informed by an Anglican group that my Bishop gave the green light to let an Anglican (not an ordinariate group, but a schismatic Anglican group) use one of our school’s sanctuary and altar to celebrate … Continue reading

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Reason #2775 for Anglicanorum coetibus

More from the Church of Making Irony Redundant.
These guys never fail to amaze.  They have an astonishingly complicated array of commission and conventions and meetings and votes… all for about 4 people.  And those 4 are going to do what … Continue reading

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WDTPRS congratulations to Fr. John Hunwicke

It is the season for ordinations. I participated in one yesterday, as a matter of fact. However, the other day there was an ordination which I very much would like to have attended: Fr. John Hunwicke, a former Anglican priest, … Continue reading

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ENGLAND 27 June: Former Anglican Fr. John Hunwicke to be ordained priest!

I think this will be a great event:
Please pray for John Hunwicke.
Ordination, The Oxford Oratory, Wednesday June 27, 7.00
in full Communion with the See of Peter.
THURSDAY JUNE 28: Extraordinary Form
11.30, in the Church of the Brompton … Continue reading

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Benedict XVI establishes Anglican Ordinariate in Australia

Benedict XVI is the Pope of Christian Unity.
From The Catholic Herald:
Pope Benedict XVI has established a personal ordinariate in Australia and named a Lancashire-born former bishop of the Traditional Anglican Communion (TAC) to lead it.
The ordinariate, the world’s third for … Continue reading

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Benedict XVI: A Decree about Heroic Virtues and the extension of a Saint’s cult to the universal Church

The cause for beatification of a Servant of God important for the north-central United States had a big step forward today.
I read in the Bolletino today that His Holiness of our Lord promulgated a decree from the Congregation for the … Continue reading

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The Pope of Christian Unity’s most recent concrete gesture

Back when, we knew that something was going on within the CDF for Anglicans who desired closer unity with Peter, but we didn’t know what.  There was a sense that the Holy Father must really want something important to happen for … Continue reading

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Question about Anglican/Roman liturgy: Is it Roman Rite or Anglican?

I need to be educated about something and I hope some of you readers who were/are Anglicans now in union with Rome can help me.  When in doubt, ask.
Is the modified Anglican liturgy considered part of the Roman Rite or … Continue reading

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The fruits of mutilation of personal and ecclesial identity

With a tip of the biretta to Rev. Mr. Kandra at Deacon’s Bench, this comes from The Union Democrat (and ironically appropriate title).
I want to preface this with a couple comments.
First, Benedict XVI is the Pope of Christian Unity. Anglicanorum … Continue reading

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Of Ordinariates, the SSPX, and the gravitational pull

Benedict XVI, the Pope of Christian Unity, has made it possible by his provision in Anglicanorum coetibus, for Anglicans to enter into Holy Church in new Ordinariates.  Their liturgical traditions are being codified and approved by the Holy See and … Continue reading

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