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A wise, but tardy, fortune cookie

I’m sure you all remember BUGNINICARE! Here is a great note from a reader: If only Bugnini had been into Chinese dining…

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ASK FATHER: Minimum to fulfill Mass obligation

From a reader… So a friend of mine who’s familiar with the old Mass but doesn’t offer it mentioned that you could fulfill your Sunday obligation (in the EF) so long as you arrived by the lifting of the veil … Continue reading

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How machinations led Paul VI in the liturgical reform

Fr. Hunwicke has an interesting post about the machinations of the late (Archbp) Annibale Bugnini with Paul VI to slam through the former’s desired changes. Here is a taste… (1) He relied upon dishonest people for advice. (a) From the … Continue reading

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Speaking of 50th anniversary of vernacular Masses… BUGNINICARE! (Revisited)

In some circles there has been some panting whoopdeedoo about the fact that 50 years ago Paul VI celebrated Mass for the first time in a Roman parish in Italian. I posted on the parish once before, some time ago. … Continue reading

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A bottle of wine: “Novus Ordo”

From a reader: When I was in Chicago, I picked up a bottle of wine called “Novus Ordo.”  When I brought it back home for a priest friend he insisted that we create an appropriate wine stopper capturing the “spirit” … Continue reading

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50 years ago today: BUGNINICARE!

Today is the 50th anniversary of the promulgation of Sacrosanctum Concilium. 50 years. FIFTY. YEARS. I went back into the archives of the blog to find my post about… Bugninicare! UNIVERSAL SPIRITUAL-CARE REFORM FOR THE CATHOLIC CHURCH (Socialized Worship) Taking … Continue reading

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The Bolletino slips on a Banana

His Hermeneuticalness posted about an amusing little something picked up by the gentlemanly Sandro Magister. Apparently during the Synod on the Middle East, a Chaldean bishop from Iran cited a work by the late Annibale Bugnini, who name shall live … Continue reading

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Bugnini: “I am the liturgical reform!”

Our friends at Rorate have posted something worthy of your attention. Bugnini: “I am the liturgical reform!”  [I can hear it.  Along the lines of “L‘état, c’est moi!” he would have said “La riforma liturgica,sono IO!”] Fr. Anscar Chupungco OSB, … Continue reading

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The Consilium revisited

In my recent reading, I happened again on a passage from the slim but interesting volume that came out a couple years back under the name of the former long-time papal master of ceremonies, Archp. Piero Marini.  That’s Piero Marini, … Continue reading

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A citation concerning the use of hymns at Mass

This citation from NLM is really useful. Bugnini’s own Consilium in 1969 offered the following instruction, consistent with the Vatican II emphasis on chant over vernacular hymnody. As printed in 1 Notitiae, 5 (1969), p. 406 That rule [permitting vernacular … Continue reading

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Liberals pit the experience of the individual during Mass against the assembly. Most liberals think congregations should be nearly constrained to do everything everyone else does (including what the priest does). Is it possible that the Novus Ordo lends itself … Continue reading

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