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Feedback that gets to me

Occasionally I get feedback that really helps. Today I received this: Wow. This, friends, gets to me. The token she mentions is something from my wish list, a recording of The Passion of Saint Thomas More by composer Garrett Fisher. … Continue reading

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Recently Received Items

The diligent John of Leaflet Missal, in the wake of the great Seminarian Biretta Project (ongoing) has sent me a mighty tool of the New Evangelization. Behold a “scruple spoon”. I lacked this weapon of demon-terrorizing in my liturgical arsenal. … Continue reading

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ASK FATHER: The Apostolic Pardon and You

From a reader… QUAERITUR: What does apostolic pardon mean? The Apostolic Pardon, or Benediction, forgives temporal punishment due to our sins, not the sins themselves. If anything remains from our lives, provided we die in the state of grace, for … Continue reading

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FEEDBACK: “This morning at seminary we were discussing….”

I am glad when I get feedback about how this blog has been useful for someone, especially in important matters having to do with the life of faith. Today I received a note about something that happened in a seminary … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Why don’t priests use the Apostolic Pardon for the dying?

From a reader: I understand that the Sacrament of the anointing is not the same as the apostolic pardon. Why is it that some priests do not say those words for this pardon and give both the blessing and the … Continue reading

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The Apostolic Pardon – Fathers, do you know it?

My recent posting about the question on administration of the sacrament of anointing led to some interesting comments.  Someone mentioned the Apostolic Pardon, or Apostolic Benediction. It is critically important that you – as a person who is going to … Continue reading

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