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Some good things are happening

I have had notes from reader about good things going on. First, I call your attention to a good initiative in the Diocese of Burlington (Vermont).  A new group has been established called the St. Philip Neri Latin Mass Chaplaincy.   … Continue reading

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Off the cuff Francis on the family

Francis in Philadelphia speaking off the cuff about the family with a more or less simultaneous translator. Start at 1:58:29 to about 2:20:30

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Pope Francis tells NBC reporter he intends to visit Philadelphia

While the Holy Father’s possible visit to Philadelphia for a congress on the family has been hedged about with cautious language, today we have greater clarity about what Francis wants.  From NBC: Pope Francis Tells NBC News He’ll Pay Philadelphia … Continue reading

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No, this isn’t a war zone.

I saw a piece at the Daily Mail with beautifully horrible photos of wrecked and run-down church in Philadelphia.   HERE Here is one of them. No, this isn’t a war zone (technically, at least). First, Our Lord promised that, … Continue reading

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Archd. Philadelphia : the spread of Flash “Mass Mobs” to help dying parishes

Remember the news about Mass Flash Mobs in Buffalo, NY?  HERE and HERE In many cities there are beautiful but languishing parish churches.  Some people are stirring things up to help put them back on the map, inject some life … Continue reading

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Promoter of women “deacons” can’t speak in Archdiocese of Philadelphia

NB: The Deacon in question posted a comment, below.  Be sure to check it out. The Fishwrap is having a little nutty these days about the ordination of women. First, there is an editorial openly declaring that women should be … Continue reading

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Wherein Fr. Z rants

Our Lord promised us that Hell would not prevail against the Church. He did not promise that Hell would not prevail in the USA, or in your town or parish. Today we are seeing a shrinking of Holy Church in many … Continue reading

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You can’t “unring a bell”, but you can set the record straight about EVIL FALSE ACCUSATIONS!

From The Catholic League with my emphases.  Fellow Catholic bloggers might pick this up too.  False accusations are deeply evil and they ruin lives. BIGOTRY EXPLAINS FALSE ACCUSATIONS July 18, 2012 Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments as follows: False … Continue reading

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Head of SNAP suggested that Card. Bevilacqua was faking it to avoid testifying

I just an interesting item on the site The Media Report.  Apparently the head of SNAP, Mr. David Clohessy, was suggesting that Card. Bevilacqua was faking an illness to avoid testifying. Less than 36 hours before Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua passed … Continue reading

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“The Church is not defined by her failures. And you and I are not defined by our critics”

From Archbishop Chaput’s sermon during his installation: This Church in Philadelphia faces very serious challenges these days. There’s no quick fix to problems that are so difficult, and none of us here today, except the Lord Himself, is a miracle … Continue reading

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Archbp. Chaput quotes St. Augustine on bishops during his installation Mass

During his sermon for his installation in the Cathedral Basilica in Philadelphia, Archbishop Chaput used several good analogies, including that of an arranged marriage (versus romantic love which often today winds up in divorce). However, he used a striking quote … Continue reading

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Video interviews with Archbp. Chaput

Thomas Peters posted a couple of youtube videos of a sit down interview with the new Archbishop of Philadelphia Most Rev. Charles Chaput. In some ways this interview was a bit more revealing than that which Archbp. Chaput did with … Continue reading

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Card. Burke: Vatican puppetmaster?

From Italian journalist Marco Tosati on the Vatican Insider of the Italian daily La Stampa comes this. Raymond Leo Burke, the “great puppeteer” of American appointees The appointment of Chaput to the Diocese of Philadelphia confirms Burke’s role as the … Continue reading

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Fishwrap has an excellent interview with Archbishop Chaput

Even as blind squirrels sometimes find acorns, sometimes the National Catholic Fishwrap does something right.  And it won’t surprise anyone that my friend the nearly-ubiquitous John L. Allen, Jr. was involved. Fishwrap – rather Mr. Allen – has a long, … Continue reading

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