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What’s up in Vienna’s Stephensdom?

This is pretty weird.  From a reader:
I have recently visited Vienna and was stunned by the beautiful churches of this magnificent city. One day I went to St. Michael’s church not far from Stephensdom and it was there and then … Continue reading

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Hint: It ain’t Mozart.

A way to reach out to people or a violation of identity and decorum?
You decide.
In St. Stephen’s, the Cathedral of Vienna?
Hint: It ain’t Mozart.
Is this what we need for the New Evangelization?
Reason #87637 for Summorum Pontificum.
I’ll turn on the moderation … Continue reading

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Austria… poor Austria: scrub priests rebel

From CWN.  My emphases and comments.
Over 300 Austrian priests join ‘Call to Disobedience’
Catholic World News
July 13, 2011
Over 300 of Austria’s 4,200 priests have pledged to take part in Aufruf zum Ungehorsam (Call to Disobedience), an initiative launched in June.
The Call … Continue reading

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