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JUST TOO COOL: Who knows what happens to your lost stuff!

I can’t help but post this because it is JUST TOO COOL.
A 4th c. Gallo-Roman chariot wheel was found intact in the Rhone River!

In other news, from Archeology…
KASHIHARA, JAPAN—A dark blue dish and a clear painted bowl recovered together from a … Continue reading

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Mocking no longer “the dead bones that lay scattered by”: Richard III… found?

Many years ago I worked for many years at, yes, a Renaissance Fair.  I did lots of Shakespeare on demand and made lots of money doing it.  I met a lot of interesting people, too.  Something of them were interesting … Continue reading

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The birthday of the City

Today is the birthday of Rome!
Today Rome was (traditionally) founded in 753 BC.
“But Father! But Father!”, I am sure you are about to muse, skeptically.  “How could we possibly know that date so exactly?  After all, the records aren’t really … Continue reading

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