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Knox Bible translation to be online

17 February will be the 125th Birthday of Fr. Ronald Knox, who did that amazing translation of the Bible. I got a note from the nice people at Baronius Press, who reprinted the Knox Bible recently, that they will be … Continue reading

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Reader Feedback: the Knox Version

Do you remember my brief review of the new edition by Baronius Press of Ronald Knox’s translation of the Bible? HERE. To buy it US HERE and UK HERE. I received this today from a reader: Through your link I purchased the Ronald Knox … Continue reading

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Baronius Press beautiful new edition of the Knox Bible

While preparing my post about Faith Magazine, I saw an article about Ronald Knox. That reminded me that Baronius Press recently sent me a copy of their new, beautifully bound, edition of Knox’s translation of the Bible. US HERE and … Continue reading

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Divine Intimacy

From a reader: Some time ago you wrote a post that mentioned the book Divine Intimacy. For whatever reason that stuck with me and after saving a little money in my book budget I purchased myself a copy. I have … Continue reading

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REVIEW: New 3-volume (Extraordinary Form) Roman Breviary in Latin and English from Baronius Press

Have you wanted to use the older form of the office, the Roman Breviary, but haven’t been able to do it because your Latin isn’t strong enough or you couldn’t figure out how to do it? You are in luck. … Continue reading

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A liturgical, bliblical treasure hunt

I suppose it is a confluence of factors, including the rhythm of the liturgical year and various factors in life, I found the Introit for today’s Mass, for Pentecost Tuesday, quite moving. Introitus 4 Esdr 2:36 2:37 Accípite iucunditátem glóriæ … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: How to prepare for participation at Mass in the Extraordinary Form

From a reader: I am a great fan of your blog and I learn a lot on a regular basis. However, I am new to WDTPRS- have you in the past given tips and hints on how to start out … Continue reading

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Baronius Press will soon issue Latin-English Breviarium Romanum

At long last the worthy Baronius Press is just about ready with its three volume, Latin-English edition of the Breviarium Romanum. Having the English side by side with the Latin could open a whole new liturgical world for many who … Continue reading

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REVIEW: Catena Aurea of St. Thomas Aquinas (Baronius Press)

Latin catena means "chain".  Catena came to be the label for a work which involved "chaining" the commentaries of previous previous writers so as to create a verse by verse biblical commentary. The best known of these catena was created … Continue reading

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