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Day 17 – NYC: Finch and Cardinal and Borscht and Beer

Thus begins my last full day on the road.
Yesterday we were at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Here is a nice little Sienese Madonna and Child by a favorite of mine, Sano di Pietro (+1481).  I’m thinking his workshop did … Continue reading

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Trappists in USA start making beer!

The Benedictine monks in Norcia, Italy make excellent beer.  Would that we could get it here!
Now it seems that some Trappists in these USA are trying their hand at the production of this material proof of God’s love.
From the Boston … Continue reading

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NORCIA 2014 Calendar (Hint: BEER!)

The wonderful Benedictine monks of the Monastero di San Benedetto at Norcia, Italy, gave me their new 2014 Calendar.  Order one HERE

In the calendar are great shots of their monkish lives, involving the two great pillars of prayer and work.

A … Continue reading

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ACTION ITEM! International Buy a Priest a Beer Day! (The Octave Continueth)

At the blog of The Catholic Gentleman:

International Buy a Priest a Beer Day!
Did you know that this coming Monday, September 9, is International Buy a Priest a Beer Day? On this festive day, faithful Catholics all over the world take their … Continue reading

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Beati qui…

Someone shared with me a graphic that indicates the amount different states of these USA tax your beer.  From TaxProf:

Did you that the last voice in the mighty Lewis & Short Dictionary is for a form of Egyptian beer?

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Here’s one for the Just Too Cool file.
The Benedictines in Norcia (ancient Nursia), whom I mention with some frequency here (they post their chanted monastic hours online), have inaugurated their new beer.   A friend who is involved with them … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Theologi si fuerint cervisiae… (If theologians were beers…)

Over at Ascent of Carmel we find (and you will have to go there to find the explanations…):
If Theologians Were Beers… A Selection
“In Catholicism, the pint, the pipe and the Cross can all fit together.”
-G.K Chesterton
Yesterday, my good friend and I … Continue reading

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Of Beer, Norcia, Monks, Boars, Cheese, Truffles and the City of God

For your Just Too Cool file, the great Benedictines monks in Norcia, Italy (the place where it is said St. Benedict was born) are making BEER!
Birra Nursia!
I often go to their website to listen to the office chanted.   They … Continue reading

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It’s a “chalice”… an ineffable chalice!

Before its implementation… and after… some people whined that the new, corrected translation is tooo haaard.  How could anyone be expected to understand words like “ineffable… consubstantial… dew…” or “chalice”.
A reader sent me this:

Apparently a brewery thinks beer drinkers can … Continue reading

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