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Die Brüder “Spry”… The Spry Brothers… Benedict and Georg

Yesterday Benedict XVI went to Gemelli Hospital in Rome to visit his elder brother, Msgr. Georg Ratzinger, who had been admitted.
All things considered, they both look pretty spry. And we wish Msgr. Georg a swift recovery.  He will be 90 … Continue reading

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ADVENT: Ideas for your season of preparation

I have decided to reread Benedict XVI’s third volume of Jesus of Nazareth: The Infancy Narratives.  It is shorter than the other two volumes, but there are riches within.
The Holy Father’s book presents a real defense of the historicity of … Continue reading

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ADVENTCAzT 02: 1st Monday of Advent – “Heaven, when will we hear you sing?”

This year I will do for Advent what did last year: make a short daily podcast to help your preparation for the upcoming feast as well as for your own, personal, meeting with the Lord.
These are especially offered as a … Continue reading

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The Forbidden Rite

A reader sent the following enthusiastic filmette:

Be the Maquis!

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Again HUGE news: Pope Francis explicitly endorses Benedict XVI’s “hermeneutic of continuity”

You will want to read this carefully and put it in your “IMPORTANT” file.
This is, again, HUGE news.
The 450th anniversary of the closing of the Council of Trent is coming up on 4 December.  We like to celebrate these great … Continue reading

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[*heavy sigh*] Archbp. Marini’s “nostalgia” for the “spirit of the council”

Does anything about the following strike you as supremely ironic?
From CNS:

Vatican II continues to mark ecclesial life today, says archbishop
Catholic News Service
ERIE, Pa. (CNS) — Archbishop Piero Marini, a Vatican official, recalls watching bishops day after day pour … Continue reading

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Statue of Our Lady of Fatima and (thriving) Benedict XVI sighting

As you know the statue of Our Lady of Fatima came to Rome and returned to Fatima.  I was in Rome the last time she arrived.  Alas, because I am with a pilgrimage I just missed her this time.
However, it … Continue reading

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Images of a recent Mass of Benedict XVI

On YouTube someone posted a filmette of still photos of Benedict XVI saying Mass on 1 September with some of his old students.  You might remember that for many years he would meet with some former (hah… current!) pupils for … Continue reading

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Reading Francis Through Benedict: a workshop on misunderstanding Francis

We now have in Francis the most wonderfulest and fluffliest Pope ehvur.  Liberals are crowing that the bestest Pope of all is against rules.  He’s chill about abortion and women’s ordination and, like, stuff.  No other Pope has ever kissed … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: What would happen were the Pope to celebrate publicly the Extraordinary Form?

From a reader:
What do you think would the effect be of a public Papal Mass in the Extraordinary Form, if were ever to happen?
The quick answer is that it would send a strong message that a) it is important to … Continue reading

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