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ACTION ITEM! Help with a liberal ‘c’atholic survey!

ACTION ITEM! One of our regular readers here brought this to my attention. I alert you to a survey put out by some folks who seem to want 1975 back. You might want to help them people with their survey! … Continue reading

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Are the aging-hippies burying Benedict’s legacy?

I have written a few times about the priest in the Diocese of Brentwood, UK, a man of a certain age who – inexplicably – was in charge of the diocesan liturgy office, who sent a letter to The Tablet … Continue reading

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Wherein Fr. Z posts his annual rant on BLUE vestments and then sings to you. POLL!

Some veteran readers here know about my annual rant about BLUE vestments during Advent.  Lest all other Advent considerations – such as the coming of the Lord – be overshadowed, herein I rant. I believe this dopey liturgical abuse is … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Can a rector or bishop forbid seminarians or priests use of the cassock?

From a reader: In my diocese there are a small number of seminarians who wish to wear their cassock after their first year of study at the seminary. They have approached the bishop and rector about doing so, but both have refused to … Continue reading

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Ass. of Catholic Priests formed to push passé liberal agenda

The National Schismatic Reporter has an online piece about a new group for ultra-liberal priests called the Association of U.S. Catholic Priests. The group is comprised of self-described “Vatican II priests”. In 2012, 240 people showed up for a meeting and … Continue reading

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Hopeful vibrant continuity v. the grim liberal watchmen

Over at Views From The Choir Loft there is a good post about music, and Latin, and our heritage in the Latin Church.  The writer is Dr. Peter Kwasniewski who teaches at Wyoming Catholic College. Vatican II says that “care should … Continue reading

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Who are these ‘c’atholic liberals? Young Catholics don’t know and don’t care.

I recently posted about Sr. Joan Chittister and the Council of Elders. HERE. Judging from my email feedback about that post, I realize that many of my visitors have never heard of the Council of Elders.  Many would never have … Continue reading

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The Older Courtesies and the Gravitational Pull

A deeper sense of decorum is needed in our worship. The older form of Holy Mass of the Roman Rite, the Usus Antiquior, must return – and will return – in strength.  Recovery of the older form will exert a … Continue reading

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An analysis of Richard McBrien’s latest whine

Over at American Catholic my friend The Motley Monk saved me some time and effort by providing a good look at the increasingly irrelevant and yet always disappointing Richard McBrien, dissenter and retired ailing prof at Notre Dame. McBrien, who … Continue reading

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How times have changed!

When I first came to Rome, lo those decades ago, it was nearly impossible to find any beautiful sacred vessel in the shops. Market forces, however, have shifted inventories decisively away from the hideous globs of who-knows-what gray metal covered … Continue reading

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