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Z-Cam fun: Ray!

I have dubbed all male Cardinals “Ray”.
It was nice to see Ray on Father Z TV this morning, live from the Steam Pipe Trunk Distribution Venue.

Which reminds me… I have to redo the playlist.
Then the Missus showed up.

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The Feeder Feed: various colors and killing chipmunks

It has been a while since I have been able to report to you on the doings at the feeder.
First, the black squirrel is back.

Card. Ray is rubbernecking a bit.

A Ruby-Throated Hummingbird having a bit of a rest.

This Oriole was … Continue reading

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The Feeder Feed: New Arrival Edition

It is great to see the first of some species of bird returning from its winter digs.
More on that later.
I haven’t shown you anything from the feeder lately, despite the fact that they eat here because of your donations.
Here are … Continue reading

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The Feeder Feed: resurrection edition

You might recall that some days ago during a walk I found a dead male cardinal.  I pondered whether or not it was “Ray”.
Today a male Cardinal showed up for some nosh.

I compared a few photos, and I think this … Continue reading

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The Feeder Feed: death edition

I haven’t seen “Ray” the Cardinal for a while.  He is usually in and out chomping on the saffron and sunflower.
I was out for a walk earlier and found a dead male Cardinal.
I suspect it was “Ray”.

We shall see.

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The Feeder Feed: variety edition

I haven’t been much inclined to post about the feeder these days, but figured it was about time to share a view or two.
You’ve seen Ray before.  He sees you, too.  Being so very visible he is as wary as … Continue reading

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The Feeder Feed: new old birds

I am seeing a few old friends at the feeder right now.   It is getting cold out there, so birds who are usually off look elsewhere are coming around.  Also, I now have a heated bird bath!   And they drink!  … Continue reading

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Sunday Supper – 4

Once upon a time I asked you readers to determine whether I should make Coq au vin or Boeuf Bourguignon for a Sunday supper. 
You decided on the beef and so I dutifully made Julia Child’s version from Mastering the … Continue reading

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