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New, traditional Carmelite community for men

From my email: Thanks for all you do. I’ve enjoyed your blog for years. I’m just contacting you to spread word of a new religious community starting which is called the Hermits of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel (“Eremitae Dominae … Continue reading

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A moment in Holy Mass in the traditional Carmelite Rite. The priest stands with his arms outstretched in cruciform.

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QUAERITUR: Can diocesan priests use the Extraordinary Form Carmelite or Dominican or Cistercian Rite?

From a reader: I recently read an article about a Carmelite priest who had to jump through all these hoops to get permission to celebrate the Carmelite rite Mass, but then the article pointed out later that, under Universae Ecclesiae … Continue reading

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Troy, NY: Holy Mass in the traditional Carmelite Rite

From a reader: “We are very happy to announce that each Monday in July Fr. Romaeus Cooney OCarm. will celebrate the Carmelite Rite Liturgy at St. Joseph’s Church, 416 3rd Street, Troy NY. There will also be a Carmelite Rite … Continue reading

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