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Catholic League on some Brits lecturing the Pope

From the Catholic League: NOTED BRITS LECTURE POPE More than 50 British notables have signed a letter in the Guardian newspaper criticizing the visit to the U.K. by Pope Benedict XVI. Responding is Catholic League president Bill Donohue: The pope … Continue reading

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Towering Blue and White Controversy

The Catholic League has been on a tear about the decision of the owners/operators of NYC’s Empire State Building not to illuminate the uppermost part of the famous skyscraper in blue and white for the 100th Birthday of Bl. Teresa … Continue reading

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More on the Empire State Building’s snubbing of Mother Teresa

Last night the Empire State Building was illuminated with what I am guessing were the colors of the Brazilian flag, because of a game. From CNA: Other Mother Teresa birthday plans on offer after Empire State Building refusal New York … Continue reading

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Catholic League: Empire State Building against Mother Teresa?

In New York City at times you will see the Empire State Building illuminated with colored lights in honor of some event or group. For example, a while back they turned on red and yellow lights to honor the Communist … Continue reading

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Catholic League’s full page ad in the New York Times

The Catholic League has weighed in with a full page ad in the New York Times (aka Hell’s Bible). The text: GOING FOR THE VATICAN JUGULAR Recent accusations against the Vatican deserve a response. • Fr. Lawrence Murphy apparently began … Continue reading

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Liberal groups urge media boycot of Catholic League’s Bill Donohue

No joke here…. from the Catholic League. ATTEMPTS TO CENSOR DONOHUE FAIL April 1, 2010 Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on recent attempts to censor him: TV producers have been telling me for years that my critics have implored … Continue reading

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Catholic League responds to “The View” about the Boulder, CO, school dust up

The dust up in Boulder, CO, where a lesbian "couple" has tried to force a child into a Catholic school, despite the terrible strain that could put on the child in time to come, has produced some of the sloppiest … Continue reading

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Catholic League on Chris Matthew’s shame

From The Catholic League: From the Catholic League: Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on the way MSNBC host Chris Matthews handled his interview with Providence Bishop Thomas Tobin last night on “Hardball”: We were deluged with phone calls, faxes … Continue reading

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