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ASK FATHER: Use of the word “Catholic” in a title

From a reader…
I am planning on doing a web series on YouTube about the Faith. It is my understanding that the Catechism would forbid my using the name “Catholic” as part of the title of this series. If so, is “Christian” … Continue reading

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Saudis attempt to block Vatican bid for .catholic web addresses

From The Telegraph:
Saudis attempt to block Vatican plan for .catholic web addresses
By Christopher Williams, Technology Correspondent
The objection is one of more than 160 sent by the Saudis to ICANN, the body in charge of web addresses, over its plan to … Continue reading

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CH: Muslims and Sikhs in Britain side with Catholic Church on same-sex “marriage”

From the UK’s best Catholic weekly, The Catholic Herald comes this, also of interest to readers in the USA because of the accelerating same-sex cultural re-engineering agenda.
Muslims and Sikhs back Church on same-sex marriage
By Staff Reporter on Tuesday, 20 March 2012
The … Continue reading

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The Extra Beatitude and the College of Cardinals

I have been contemplating the buzz about the Consistory, which will more than like be announced today (6 Jan, Epiphany).
My admiration for Pope Benedict is pretty obvious, I should think.
That said, when I think about composition of the College, that … Continue reading

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Ann Coulter’s nonsensical remarks about Santorum the Catholic

It is possible to enjoy a person’s writing style and the sound of the gears whirring in the brain even while disagreeing with what you are reading.  People forget to remember that fairly often.
Thus, today I take strong exception to … Continue reading

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More canonical stuff on Archd. Detroit v Voris (Real Catholic TV)

The Canonical Defender, Prof Ed Peters, has more to say about Archd. Detroit v. Voris (and “Catholic”).
He gets into a question I raised HERE.
He doesn’t have a combox.  Do visit his blog and spike his stats.
A few more things to … Continue reading

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“Consubstantial” – Who do people REALLY say that He is?

The new translation contains an alarming new threat.
By clinging to the inaccurate rendering of "consubstantialem Patri" in the Creed as "one in being with the Father", liberals obfuscate the dogma of the Church that Jesus is God, that He is … Continue reading

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