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VIDEO: Chapel veils

There is a nice video from St. Anne’s parish in San Diego, an FSSP parish. They have their own “Latin Mass Society”, not to be confused with the Latin Mass Society in the UK.

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QUAERITUR: Women should cover their heads, not just in church, but all the time?

From a reader:
I am a traditional Catholic woman (attend an ICKSP oratory) and always cover my hair when in a church. I was taught that 1 Corinthians 11 is referring to women covering their hair in church only, which makes … Continue reading

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A note from a happy man about his first TLM experience

I am finally working through the waterfall of email that has been pouring into my inbox.
Here is a nice note:
I am 45 and I just attended my first Latin Mass. Wow! The only thing in my head was “I am … Continue reading

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A woman’s report on wearing a veil in church for the first time – Fr. Z POLL!

The subject of chapel veils, mantillas, whatever, comes up occasionally.  It always excites conversation.
My view is that this custom should be revived.  According to the Church’s present law, women are not obliged to cover their heads in church.  I would … Continue reading

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Wherein women can comment about clothing and modesty.

Another entry is being derailed into a discussion of women’s clothing and modesty.  It’s a great topic, but was a rabbit hole.
Therefore, I am opening this entry here.  I will now back out slowly of the room, while whispering the … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Wore a black chapel veil and women scoffed

From  a reader:
I wore my black mantilla (it blends in with my dark brown hair better) to an OF Mass this evening for the second time (no issues the first time), but after I arrived, a group of chatty and … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: To veil or not to veil.

From a reader:
I’m debating whether or not to start veiling at the Novus Ordo Mass I attend. [She is obviously talking about wearing a chapel veil or head covering in church during Mass.]
I find going to Mass puts me in … Continue reading

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The CDF on a burning issue of our day … wait for it….

… the biblical obligation of head coverings for women in church, … because we haven’t had enough of that yet.
The Canonical Defender, Dr. Peters, has added a note to his esteemed commentary on head coverings. Hat tip – (HA!  Get … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Chapel veils revisited – What color?

From a priest:
A quick question: a woman approached me wondering if there was anything inappropriate in wearing a white veil as an older, married woman.  She was told by another parishioner that white is only proper for young women who … Continue reading

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Card. Burke on women covering their heads in church

The great Canonical Defender, Dr. Ed Peters has an interesting note on the use… here we go again… about women wearing head coverings in church.
He has something from Cardinal Burke in the topic.
But first, in a nutshell here is the … Continue reading

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