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Risibly bad TV coverage of Synod from Chicago

Some of the worst analysis from a TV broadcast and journalist that I have ever heard about the Church.  HERE Count the problems. Remember… this is about the coverage. Moderation queue is ON.

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Ite Catuli!

How about those Cubs? They beat the Cardinals to advance another step toward the World Series. That said, today is the anniversary of the infamous Bartman incident, when a fan interfered with an out, thus extended the enemy’s inning and … Continue reading

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The Feeder Feed: Chicago Edition

This morning took me to the Chicago Art Institute. I was especially keep to see some Impressionists, but I started in chronological order in European paintings. This is interesting. Here is something by Matteo di Giovanni (+1495), part of a … Continue reading

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CHICAGO: Chinese Food Edition

Where I am, near the Steam Pipe Trunk Distribution Venue, there is no good Chinese food. It is a hardship. So, when I get to Chicago, I really enjoy finding some good Chinese fare at what must be one of … Continue reading

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My View For Awhile: Windy City Edition

I’m on a road trip. Hmmmm… usually these vans are following me. Right now I am in Chicago, at St. John Cantius.  Yesterday and today I gave some conferences on sacred liturgy.  We have had two, count ’em two, Solemn Masses … Continue reading

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5000 pilgrims walk from Chicago to Marian shrine in Indiana

Pilgrimages are little lives.  We encounter people, who have their own issues and goals.  We find out things about ourselves.  We have our faces set towards the goal.  There are hardships. I saw this at nwi.com: Polish Catholic pilgrims march … Continue reading

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Pew by Pew: a lesson Christian identity suicide

How to commit identity suicide, pew by pew. I saw in the Christian Post: Removing Church Pews for Muslim Prayer Mats in the Name of Religious Tolerance My alma mater, The University of Chicago, was recently in the news for … Continue reading

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Chicago: meltdown

I saw this astonishing and yet not at all surprising piece by Rich Lowry. But will anything useful be done about this?  Who wants to bet? Chicago suffering social meltdown For most of the country, July Fourth weekend means hot … Continue reading

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The Feeder Feed: Chicago Edition

I had a way too brief visit to Chicago’s Institute of Art. I hadn’t been for a while and I was eager to refamiliarize myself with the collection. During the visit, I spied this, which I am sure will interest … Continue reading

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“Come, God of the EAST. We invoke you and call you, Whirlwind, God of the birds that fly,…”

Meanwhile…  What Does The Prayer REALLY Say? Even while the looniness is subsiding, some pretty strange things are still going on out there. Here is something just plain … strange… from the Augustinians, posted by the Chicago province. HERE I … Continue reading

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An unexpected place in an unexpected place!

I have been reading another dystopian novels by James Wesley Rawles, Founders. (The first in the series is Patriots, the next is Survivors.) I was pretty surprised to read this paragraph, about a couple who wind up being part of … Continue reading

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How liberal Chicago Politicians (chuckle) reacted to Card. George and Chick-fil-A. Fr. Z rants.

From the Washington Times (the sane paper of the Capitol city): Chick-fil-A still ruffling [Chicago alderman] Proco Joe Moreno’s feathers By Peter V. Bella [retired Chicago Police Officer, freelance journalist and photojournalist, cook, and raconteur. WDTPRS likes retired cops… a … Continue reading

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“Chicago values”: Card. George, Archbishop v Rahm Emanuel, Mayor

His Eminence Francis Card. George, Archbishop of Chicago, has published a piece on the archdiocesan website. His Eminence gralloched Mayor Rahm Emanuel on the issue of “Chicago values”. My emphases and comments: Monday, July 30, 2012 Reflections on “Chicago values” … Continue reading

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REVIEW: St. John Cantius (Chicago) instructional DVD for “Sacred Rites and Ceremonies”

I recently received a couple instructional DVDs produced by the canons at St. John Cantius in Chicago and I have had a chance to look at “Sacred Rites and Ceremonies of the Roman Rite, featuring the use of the 1962 … Continue reading

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More on Card. George’s comparison of the homosexual parade to a KKK demonstration.

From the Chicago Tribune: Cardinal defends comparing gay parade organizers to Ku Klux Klan By Brian Slodysko Tribune reporter 1:03 p.m. CST, December 28, 2011 Setting off a new round in his dispute with gay right activists, Chicago’s Cardinal Francis … Continue reading

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