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The Nuns On The Bus Go ‘Round And ‘Round… with a WYMYNPRYST!

I suppose anyone can go to see the Nuns On The Bus go ’round and ’round.  This photo, however, from the Catholic Beat, says a lot. 25 June in Fountain Square, in Cincinnati, OhiO. Sr. Simone Campbell and friend. No, … Continue reading

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A priest on his first publicly celebrated Solemn TLM

A week or so ago, I posted about the intention of a priest in Cincinnati to celebrate Holy Mass in the Extraordinary Form for the first time publicly.  Here is a follow up. Fr. Kyle Schnippel posted a sermon from … Continue reading

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Brick by Cincinnati Brick

Here is a brick by brick piece in the Cincinatti Enquirer. Catholic group looks to form Latin parish The first time Ashley Paver stepped into St. Mark’s Church in Evanston, he knew he’d found the right place. The tile mosaics, … Continue reading

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Brick by brick in Cincy

In Cincinnati H.E. Most Rev. Dennis Schnurr has undertaken to establish a parish for the Extraordinary Form. Keep in mind that parish priests don’t need permission to establish celebrations of the TLM in their parishes, but only a bishop can … Continue reading

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Cincinnati: 7 May Solemn TLM for 5th anniv. of pontificate of Pope Benedict XVI

A reader alerted me to the following: Una Voce of Greater Cincinnati has arranged a Solemn Votive Mass of the Holy Ghost, in the extraordinary or more ancient use of the Roman Rite, to mark the fifth anniversary of the … Continue reading

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Goofy wymympryst ideas in Cincinnati… again

From the blog Ten Reasons, with my emphases and comments: "Carries an imprimatur from the Archdiocese of Cincinnati" Carol Ann Morrow, assistant managing editor [and thus not just a staff writer or sometime contributrix] of St. Anthony Messenger magazine, published … Continue reading

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Cincy: Teacher dismissed for support of women’s ordination (POLL ALERT)

Long time WDTPRS readers will remember the story from Cincinnati about how His Excellency Most Rev. Daniel Pilarczyk determined that a woman religious teacher dedicated to the cause of the ordination of women may not teach in that Archdiocese.  There … Continue reading

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