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Clerical beards.

I saw at Pathetic from the esteemed Rev. Mr. Kandra a fluffy bit about more and more seminarians and priests – of the Latin Church – sporting beards.   HERE A couple things.  It has not been the custom of Latin … Continue reading

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“The ‘uniform’ clued her in to what was happening.”

From a reader: I wanted to let you know of something beautiful that happened just before my mother Alice passed away three weeks ago.  [Let us all pray for Alice and her family.  “Eternal rest grant…”] Suffice it to say … Continue reading

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The Cassock

Use of the cassock. In England… and in Wales?… it was illegal to wear the cassock in public.  Perhaps it still is.  I believe there is a tale told that Queen Elizabeth paid the fine for John Paul II.  Se non è … Continue reading

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More “tactical clerical” attire

You clerics out there might recall that I have been making, or having made, tactical clerical shirts by adapting 5.11 uniform shirts.  HERE and, amusingly and most recently, HERE. Fathers, you are clerics and officers of the Church Militant.  Stay … Continue reading

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Permanent Deacons and clerical attire

I have written before on the topic of the use of the Roman collar by permanent deacons.  HERE I saw that the weekly newspaper of the Diocese of Madison (where I usually am when not on the road) has a … Continue reading

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¡VIVA LA SOTANA! A video about …

A reader sent me a a link to a video trailer for a Spanish language documentary about the cassock. Yes, the cassock. While the video struck me as being perhaps a little saccharin. I’ll give them a pass for being … Continue reading

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ASK FATHER: Cassock, surplice, girls

From a reader… QUAERITUR: Father, Am I correct in saying that Cassock & Surplice is male attire and that girls should NOT wear it? And if this is the case why do people let it happen? I am taking over … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: The colors of altar boy cassocks

From a reader: Is there any significance between altar boys who wear black cassocks as opposed to those who wear red ones in the TLM? No, there is no significance.  This is a matter of aesthetics.   Back in the … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Where to get a ferraiolo? Fr. Z asks help and make a business proposal.

From seminarian: I am a seminarian in first year theology and in my fourth year of seminary formation. A classmate and I will be attending separate weddings and both were asked to wear our cassock. My question is this: can … Continue reading

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