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It’s still swell! And it’s seasonal!

The Carmelite men of the Carmel of the Immaculate Heart of Mary are building their monastery in Wyoming and earning their daily bread by roasting, blending, and selling you coffee and tea.
Their seasonal Pascha Java is back at Mystic Monk … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Holy Thursday Mandatum and female feet. Wherein advice is sought and Fr. Z ranteth.

From a reader:
As it is Lent, it is undoubtedly time to ask the question of women having their feet washed on Holy Thursday.  I am well aware (from reading your blog) that it is contrary to law and custom to … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: De precum recitatione et potionis “coffeae” bibendo

Ex e-litteris nuper a lectore acceptis:
Andreas philologus patri Z pacem Christi dicit:
Consuetudo est mihi, pater optime, ad primam auroram Laudes offere. Cum habitem enim solus, etiam solus precor, ad quas autem preces nuper superadditum est aliquid alium, quod est … Continue reading

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The Wyoming Carmelites have released their new special Coffee of the Month.
With a name like “Flores Organic Bajawa Ngura“: sounds sort of like something an animated African rat monkey would sing.  You’ve gotta try it, right?
“But Father! But Father!”, some of … Continue reading

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The “Libertas praestantissimum 31″ Coffee or Tea Mug

When I make a new item of Z Swag, such as a coffee mug, I am always a bit nervous that the image won’t be clear, or there will be something wrong with it.
That is why I generally will try … Continue reading

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Starbucks endorses unnatural “marriage”. Buy Mystic Monk Coffee, not Starbucks.

Need another reason to buy Mystic Monk Coffee?  As if my requests weren’t enough?  As if helping Wyoming Carmelites wasn’t enough?
From LifeSiteNews.com:
In news that will come as a heavy blow to many coffee lovers, Starbucks has officially backed homosexual ‘marriage.’
You … Continue reading

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Wheels coming off the wagon – update

Update, below.
Originally posted 12 January.
There is a particularly annoying pattern in my life’s days.    When it comes to my “tech stuff”, life goes along as smoothly as if it were zooming down a newly paved road.  Then, all of a … Continue reading

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RECENT POSTS and LOTS of THANKS! (Some reading tips too.)

Thanks for the support you are giving to the Wyoming Carmelites by buying their coffee.  How is your coffee supply these days?  Br. Java tells me their Jingle Bell Java blend is almost gone.
Also, thanks for using my Amazon links … Continue reading

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Thanks to all you “lockstep sheep and papist throwbacks”!

Thanks to the many “mind-numbed robots” out there, incapable of  thinking for yourselves and merely longing for the past out of irrational nostalgia who have ordered “Lockstep Sheep and Papist Throwbacks” mugs, together with “Say The Black – Do The … Continue reading

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NEW WDTPRS MUG!: “Lockstep sheep and papist throwbacks”

You may recall that a nitwit at HuffPo called those who support the new, corrected translation “lockstep sheep and papist throwbacks”.   Some people clamored for a coffee mug with that phrase.
I have obliged!  I wanted to see one, physically … Continue reading

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