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GARUM WATCH! Ancient underwater discovery

Sometimes I have written of the joys of garum. The ancient Romans loved to slather their foods, and add as a cooking ingredient, wondrous garum. Garum is a fermented fish sauce, highly attested in ancient literature, the preparation of which … Continue reading

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Sort of Sunday Supper…. sort of… and a fun blog suggestion

You may remember that I have posted about cooking some ancient and medieval dishes. Today I discovered a blog dedicate to ancient cooking with a delightful name: Pass The Garum. Garum, of course, is the ancient equivalent of ketchup.  It … Continue reading

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Of rotted fish juice lunch and of gardens and of feeders

I want to thank EC of NY for lunch today.  EC of NY sent some garum… yes… garum.  I have written about garum several times (check here and here.), but most recently in the form of colatura, a super concentrated … Continue reading

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More on garum

The Cranky Professor has a good post tying into our investigation of an ancient Roman recipe. He deals with the dating of the Vesuvius eruption and.. garum! mmmmm…. garummmmm Garum, made from fermenting fish in saltwater, was basically the ketchup … Continue reading

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