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“Is there anything still worth fighting for?”

I don’t watch a lot of TV, and when I do it is usually news or news commentary stuff on cable, and then usually Fox, and even then I am more often than not multitasking. However, from time to time … Continue reading

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Seriously annoying

The “holiday” season is upon us.   I don’t watch much broadcast or cable TV.  I try not to watch commercials when I do.  I keep a remote handy to “mute” the thing when commercial time comes.  But sometimes I … Continue reading

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POLL ALERT! LOWEST Super Bowl Commercial

Our friends at SERVIAM have a poll going about which Super Bowl commercial lowered the standard for good, acceptable commercials, and made everyone collectively stupider and more vicious. GO VOTE NOW. Let’s see if we can boost his voting turn … Continue reading

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Doubling it up in TV commercials

I have noticed a recent trend in TV commercials. It seems that companies are joining forces to have their products in one same commercial. For example, yesterday, I saw a Jeep in a new video game.  I saw a diamond … Continue reading

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