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A look at the posture and manner of receiving Holy Communion

From the website of the newspaper the Catholic Herald of the Diocese of Madison, where H.E. Most Rev. Robert Morlino reigns, comes this piece about the manner of reception of Holy Communion.  I must add, as the writer does not, … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: walking away with a Host

From a reader: To-day at Mass in the University, I served the altar. After some brief communion-devotions, I kept a keen eye on those who had received the sacrament in the hand. One girl, of student age but who I … Continue reading

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A priest who ‘get’s it’ about how people receive Communion!

WDTPRS KUDOS to Fr. Lankeit! Here is the text from his 30 January bulletin of the Cathedral of Sts. Simon and Jude in , Very Rev. Fr. Fr. John Lankeit. Here is a link to the PDF if you want … Continue reading

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Video interview with Card. Burke

A video interview with Raymond Card. Burke from gloria.tv. He speaks about speaking about abortion in the public square, about the Extraordinary Form, Communion in the hand, and the “pro multis” issue.  He mentions “mutual enrichment” and “reform of the … Continue reading

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Papal Midnight Mass with no Communion in the hand

I was not able to watch all of the Papal Mass in the Vatican Basilica, but I have started to get interesting emails about something people noticed. Among them was this email from a priest in Rome: In a change … Continue reading

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A note on Communion in the hand

Elizabeth Scalia wrote the following about Communion in the hand. My emphases and comments. Communion; Hand or Mouth? via The Anchoress by Elizabeth Scalia on 11/22/10 Yesterday at Mass, my husband noticed that on the floor of our pew, by … Continue reading

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A social engineering experiment that didn’t work so well

It looks as if the openly homosexual Episcopalian bishop Gene Robinson is going to resign. I suspect he will not be joining a Ordinariate of Anglicanorum coetibus. It seems that Robinson wants more time with his “husband”. Blech. I guess … Continue reading

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Pont. Comm. “Ecclesia Dei” letter about Communion in the hand

Even yesterday I had a conversation about the thorny issue of just what Summorum Pontificum (the 3rd anniversary of its release is tomorrow, blessed day) might have revived. Take the situation of the distribution of Holy Communion. In the old … Continue reading

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About Communion in the hand

We MUST rethink Communion in the hand. I found this over at Rorate:  When will the horror of Communion in the hand stop?Leading by example is nice, but the general pontifical faculty of allowing Communion in the hand (extended to … Continue reading

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The Calgary Communion Show Down

I have pretty much spoken my piece about the issue of attempts to deny the Catholic people their rites in the matter of how to receive Holy Communion, especially when a restriction is placed again Holy Communion on the tongue. … Continue reading

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CDWDS responds on question of H1N1 and restriction of Communion on the tongue

I don’t know how many e-mails I have received from people in distress about parishes or even dioceses attempting to issue edicts which effectively forbid reception of Holy Communion on the tongue because of the risk of contagion (e.g., Swine … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Communion in time of epidemic

From a reader in Mexico City on the Swine Flu outbreak. My emphases and comments. As you are probably aware by now, there is a very serious influenza (also called swine flu) outbreak in Mexico City, since yesterday we are … Continue reading

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