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Conclave Comets!

Together with all the papal portents of which I wrote the other day – and let us not be overly worried about these – there is a rare astronomical sight right now, visible in some parts of the world.
In centuries … Continue reading

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Card. Ouellet: I have to say to myself, ‘What if, what if…’ It makes me … somewhat afraid.”

One of the putative front-runners as the next Pope is Marc Card. Ouellet, 68 (about the right age) presently Prefect of the Congregation for Bishops, formerly Archbishop of Quebec City, polyglot, firmly in the same “Communio” theology line with Joseph … Continue reading

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JUST TOO COOL! Catholic school children hold a CONCLAVE! PHOTOS!

I got this from a reader.  FUN!
Hello, Father–In case you’re interested, here are some pictures from today’s (Monday, 3/4/2013) mock conclave at St Louis Catholic School. These young men were largely from the corps of Altar Servers. The Parochial Adminstrator, … Continue reading

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Hey Cardinal Electors! An expression of hope from Russia about a new Pope.

Benedict XVI was the Pope of Christian Unity.
He changed the course of ecumenical dialogue.
His efforts to bring our liturgical worship back onto the rails impressed many among the Orthodox, including the Patriarch of Moscow.
Now I read on ANSA (the Italian … Continue reading

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Sobering words from Bp. Davies of Shrewsbury, England

Bishop Mark Davies of Shrewsbury gave a sermon yesterday at a Mass in Thanksgiving for the Pontificate of Benedict XVI.
In the sermon he asked, about Pope Benedict’s time:

Tonight we might each examine our consciences and ask: did we live up … Continue reading

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Benedict XVI to be called “Pontiff Emeritus” or “Pope Emeritus” and some other end-of-Pontificate details

From VIS:
Vatican City, 26 February 2013 (VIS) – Benedict XVI will be “Pontiff emeritus” [would that be “Roman Pontiff Emeritus”?] or “Pope emeritus”, as Fr. Federico Lombardi, S.J., director of the Holy See Press Office, … Continue reading

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Amusing video on “How To Become Pope”

There is a semi-cute video out there which explains in a nutshell “How To Become Pope”.  The video has a flawed premise in that the priesthood, episcopacy, cardinalate, and papacy are described in terms of a career path for those … Continue reading

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Benedict XVI’s new Motu Proprio about the Conclave

The Holy Father – Pope Benedict XVI now gloriously reigning – released a Motu Proprio (in Latin) by which he empowers the Cardinal Electors to move forward the day of the beginning of the conclave.
The canonist Ed Peters has looked … Continue reading

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Card. O’Brien’s resignation – Cardinal Electors down to 115

We read that – because of allegations “of inappropriate behaviour towards priests dating from the 1980s” – His Eminence Keith Card. O’Brien, Archbishop of St Andrews and Edinburgh, is resigning his see and will not participate in the conclave even though … Continue reading

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Wherein Fr. Z makes a suggestion to Cardinal Electors

Here is a point that is so obvious that I am surprised no one has made it yet.
Some people are talking – as they did in 2005 – about the election of a cardinal from the “emerging” Church.  Several names … Continue reading

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