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QUAERITUR: Are SSPX confirmation valid?

From a reader:
I was confirmed by His Excellency Bishop Tissier de Mallerais. He belongs to the SSPX, and I was reading that my confirmation was valid but illicit. Should I get confirmed again. (If I get a disposition from the … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Confirmed or ordained but not in the state of grace – Fr. Z rants

From a reader:
My question is regarding confirmation. Do those who receive the sacrament have to be in a state of grace in order for it to take? (the answer, I assume, is yes). I ask this because I am not … Continue reading

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Card. Lehmann of Mainz calls people who want the old form of confirmation foolish.

I saw on the site of Andrea Tornielli that Card. Lehmann of Mainz considers Pope Benedict’s provisions in Summorum Pontificum to be foolish.
That is the only conclusion you can come to, and it is my conclusion, if you consider his … Continue reading

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Liverpool: reversing the order of the sacraments

The ancient Church, and in Eastern Churches today, the sacraments “of initiation” were given “continuously”, that is, all at once.  Even infants were confirmed after baptism and then given the Eucharist.   The separation of confirmation came about probably as a … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Latin forms of confirmation names, genders

A question came in from a priest friend preparing confirmands for confirmation in the older traditional, form.
The question posed was about the Latin form of the name which the confirmands chooses.
The confirmand is called by name in Latin, in … Continue reading

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