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VIDEO: Georgetown and Kathleen Sebelius

The Cardinal Newman Society has this about Georgetown University’s invitation of HHS Sec. Kathleen Sebelius, supporter of Tiller the late-term abortionist, the President’s pointman in the attack on the Church’s and on freedom of religion, the architect of forcing Catholic … Continue reading

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A Good Friday Liturgy intercession in the light of our current concerns

In light of the current circumstances we face as Catholics, as people of all faiths, and as American citizens, this is excerpted from the Good Friday intercession prayers in the Ordinary Form: IX. For those in public office Let us … Continue reading

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Pres. Obama owes you and me an apology!

Mr. President, you owe me and millions of American Catholics an apology. You apologized to Islamic extremists and other Muslims abroad and in the United States for something done against the Islamic faith by mistake. What you are doing to … Continue reading

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Bp. Sample: “We cannot – we will not – comply with this unjust law.”

His Excellency Alex Sample, Bishop of Marquette, has made a powerful statement in the face of the Obama Administration’s open attack on the Catholic Church, the 1st Amendment, and the religious freedom of all Americans. My friend Fr. john Boyle … Continue reading

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NC Fishwrap: US Bishops are to blame for Pres. Obama’s HHS decision

It had to happen. Fishwrap is blaming Pres. Obama’s attack on religious freedom on the US Bishops, and their unsophisticated notion of conscience. Bishops’ conscience model makes light of practical reason Jan. 23, 2012 By David DeCosse COMMENTARY What if the clashes … Continue reading

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Fr. Breen retracts his dissenting statement made on his video

I note on the site of CMR that the priest in the Diocese of Nashville, Fr. Joseph Breen, who posted a video some time ago containing his own dissident statements. The diocesan bishop, H.E. David Choby, gave Fr. Breen an … Continue reading

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