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Card. Burke on Summorum Pontificum and worship as the key to reform. Fr. Z rants and agrees.

His Eminence Raymond Card. Burke, in this video interview with Raymond Arroyo of EWTN, in commenting on Benedict XVI’s Summorum Pontificum speaks to something that I have been harping on incessantly for years.
I have been saying that we must revitalize … Continue reading

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Four minutes on what happened with the Council and what young people want now

Fr. Kramer, Pastor of the Extraordinary Form parish in Rome, explains the situation:

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Five wounds inflicted on Christ’s Mystical Body through our liturgy

Bishop Athanasius Schneider of Kazakhstan gave a speech on 15 January 2012 in which he listed  “five wounds” of the liturgical mystical body of Christ.  His whole address is on  Paix Liturgique.
His basic premise is that the rupture in our liturgical worship … Continue reading

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This Lent brings a new, old Roman tradition for Mass: the Oratio super populum

Now that the new, corrected translation is in force in most places, you will notice with the beginning of Lent something new that is really something old: the Oratio super populum… the Prayer over the people at the end of … Continue reading

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L’Osservatore Romano: article about acceptance of Vatican II aimed at liberals and SSPXers

I am sure that, given some stories going around that the SSPX might refuse the CDF’s “Doctrinal Preamble”, there should be an article in L’Osservatore Romano (on the site in English, Spanish, French, German, Portughese and, of course, Italian) entitled:
On … Continue reading

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A monastic Mass broadcast. Vocations without hijinx ensue.

Andrea Tornielli passed this along from Vatican Insider of La Stampa.
It is in Italian but here is the general line.
The director of Tv2000, the television broadcast of the Italian Bishops Conference, transmitted a Mass from the Benedictine monastery of nuns … Continue reading

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A Jesuit theologian opines about the 60′s and Pope Benedict

An alert reader caught this and passed it along.  I am, as you can guess, unlikely to read The Huffington Post, on my own.
The last response amused me.
My emphases and comments.
How The ’60s Transformed The Catholic Church Forever: An Interview … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: What do you mean by “liturgy” in need of “reform”?

From a reader:
On your take on notredame you kept refering to the "liturgy". In the present catholic church there are 2 different liturgies: the novus ordo and the tridentine. What liturgy are you refering to that needs reforming. The old … Continue reading

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