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Girls Scouts and Planned Parenthood

From American Life League:
The leadership of Girl Scouts of America, once a trusted purveyor of American values, has been moving to the left for over a decade. However, GSUSA’s local and national … Continue reading

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Milk and cookies piety

Once again from the blog of the USCCB Media office, Sr. Mary Ann Walsh has a nice piece.  This isn’t high theology, but it has the advantage of direct simplicity and an image which everyone can resonate with.
I was taken … Continue reading

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Lunch: Follow up to 20th Anniv. supper

I made chicken the other night.  I am eating left-overs.
Sandwich from toasted bread with chopped garlic, watercress, goat cheese, chicken.

I found a sweet tooth today.  Chocolate chip cookies in a pale imitation of my mother’s masterpieces.

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Cookie break.
Espresso with the best Chocolate Chip Cookies in the cosmos, made by and sent by my mother.

I, not my mother, made the espresso, by the way.

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