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CRI DE COEUR: “If there were no more priests hardly anyone would be crying about it.”

At Rorate I saw something (translated there from Italian) from the blog Radicati nella fede, for the Catholic community of Domodossola and Vocogno in the Diocese of Novara. This is a cri de coeur, if there ever was one. My … Continue reading

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Of a hand-held radio, a US Senator, a concealed hand gun, and a cri de coeur

When I got interested in Ham Radio, I discovered on YouTube some video offerings from “USNERDOC“, a fellow in Oregon who was in the Navy and is an emergency medicine doctor.  He has gotten into Ham Radio, in part, to … Continue reading

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QUAERIT… well… Cri de Coeur: Convent closing for lack of vocations

From a reader: I need to thank you for encouraging us all to attend the EF of the mass. Although there is no EF mass within a few hours drive of where I live (so sad, I know) I have … Continue reading

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