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I’ve been remiss in mentioning the most exciting sport of all the Winter Olympic events. Put aside the humdrum sports of figure skating, downhill skiing, etc. No no. That’s not where the real excitement lies. Here’s something that really deserves … Continue reading

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A major scandal now rocks a sport which is dear to the hearts of all readers of this blog, I am sure. Strange brooms have been introduced into Curling!  They make the rocks shift more in their icy slide than … Continue reading

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Fr. Z’s Kitchen – Illness Edition

I’ve been fighting off a nasty bug – including bronchitis – for a few days now.  Oatmeal in the morning, clementines and chicken broth and antibiotics in the evening.  Yum.   I haven’t had much of an appetite or energy. … Continue reading

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A note on the Olympic’s most important sport

I object to NBC.  And I object to certain aspects of their coverage of the Olympics.  I have also been on the road.  And so I haven’t been able to watch much of the only sport at the Olympics that … Continue reading

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Ice, rocks, brooms… be still my heart!

There is snow on the ground and the Winter Olympics are coming up. We all, I am sure, are beginning to sense the beginnings of the heart-pounding adrenaline rush that comes from the action-jammed sport of… … CURLING! I had … Continue reading

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Curling confusion

Do not be deceived.

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Curling continues

The women of Canada are dueling the women of Switzerland. Oh the drama! Great hats are available. And the Swiss deserve to lose for this, if nothing else. UPDATE: The tension is building. CANADA WINS!  I am sure you are … Continue reading

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More on curling

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I don’t know if you will be able to tear yourselves away to go to Friday night devotions, but tonight there is plenty of CURLING to see! Alas, in the RESULTS: the USA men (all from Minnesota, no?) are way … Continue reading

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More curling

Yes, it is Ash Wednesday, but the the important events of life go on. We are rooting for the US women against the Germans… which leaves me a little conflicted, but not much. The field of battle.

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I am looking forward to seeing some Curling during the coverage of the Winter Olympics. I will have to follow the coverage ex longinquo in more than one way.  Here at Mater Ecclesiae in Berlin, NJ, as I reported elsewhere, … Continue reading

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