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A reader about a parish with confessions on Good Friday

From a reader:
I had to tell you about what happened at our parish ___ this Good Friday. We had confessions on Good Friday for the first time that I can remember since coming here in the early 1990s. Not only … Continue reading

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Dr. Peters concerning the excomm’d Mercy Sister in Phoenix

I posted about the Mercy Sister in Phoenix who approved a direct abortion at a Catholic hospital. The local Bishop, confirmed that she had incurred an automatic excommunication. Then a story emerged that she, Sr. McBride, had been reconciled. … Continue reading

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Phoenix: Mercy Sister excomm’d for abortion decision at Catholic hospital no longer excomm’d?

Did anyone notice this little story in the “briefs” at CNS?
Mercy nun at hospital that allowed abortion ‘no longer excommunicated‘
PHOENIX (CNS) — A Mercy sister who was automatically excommunicated because of her role on the ethics committee that allowed an … Continue reading

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Order, preference, authority heirarchy of documents in liturgical matters

There is a very good post by Fr. Christopher Smith at The Chant Café raised by, but not limited to, the norms issued by the Diocese of Phoenix for Communion under both kinds.
Some excerpts:
People all over the blogosphere were quick … Continue reading

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Bp. Olmsted issues the actual norms for Communion under both kinds for D. Phoenix

His Excellency, Most Rev. Thomas Olmsted, Bishop of Phoenix, has issued formally the new guidelines for Communion under both kinds (CUBK) in that diocese.   There has been a lot of controversy about these local norms.
It was trumpeted by liberals that … Continue reading

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Sr. McBride awarded by Call To Action for approving abortion in Phoenix

CMR has this:
Excommunicated Nun Accepts Award for Abortion Decision
Excommunicated Sister of Mercy Margaret McBride received the 2011 Call To Action Leadership Award at their annual conference precisely for her role in a decision at St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center … Continue reading

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A note and correction about Communion under both kinds

Remember the whole kerfuffle about fewer opportunities for Communion under both kinds?  The Diocese of Phoenix and the Diocese of Madison set new policies which bring distribution of Communion under both kinds (CUBK, for short) into line with the new … Continue reading

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Communion under both kinds: Bp. Morlino explains the situation to his priests.

You have by now read that His Excellency Most Rev. Robert Morlino, intrepid Bishop of Madison, helped the priests of that diocese to understand that the indult distribution of Holy Communion under both kinds upon a wide variety of occasions … Continue reading

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US Catholic gets nutty about Bp. Olmsted of Phoenix and Communion under both kinds

US Catholic ‘s Bryan Cones became a little hysterical about Bp. Olmsted’s decision to apply the Church’s laws concerning Communion under both kinds in the Diocese of Phoenix.
As I understand it, the 1975 edition of the Missale Romanum gave 14 … Continue reading

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What Rome’s CDW says about altar boys, girl altar boys, and lay service at the altar in general

I have been getting some… interesting, I think could be the word … email since I posted my praise and defense of Fr. Lankeit, Rector of the Cathedral in Phoenix where the excellent Bp. Olmsted presides.
For those of you out … Continue reading

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