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Prager on “Why a Good Person Can Vote against Same-Sex Marriage”

Dennis Prager has a good post called: Why a Good Person Can Vote against Same-Sex Marriage Changing the definition of marriage is bad for society. By Dennis Prager I love this paragraph: The history of left-wing policies has largely consisted of … Continue reading

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Liberals only invoke their Catholicism when it agrees with their Leftism

Radio talk-show great Dennis Prager analyzes pro-abortion catholic VP Joe Biden’s abortion response during the debate.  HERE. A taste…. Joe Biden’s Religion: Catholicism or Leftism? In the vice presidential debate, the two candidates, both Roman Catholics, were asked about their religious … Continue reading

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Dennis Prager: High School Principal’s Manifesto

In my email I received a forward of a piece written by American radio show host Dennis Prager, one of the smartest guys on the air. It may shock some of you to know that I am rather conservative.  When … Continue reading

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Wherein Fr. Z offers a great guest rant by Dennis Prager

From a reader. Dennis Prager is one of the smartest people raising his voice in the public square. While I believe the Soviet Army liberated Auschwitz, the US Army liberated other death camps.  That slight error does not touch on … Continue reading

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