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Obama’s Justice Dept. suing Gallup Polls after results they didn’t like. Coincidence?

Via DickMorris.com
Obama Thugs Rough Up Gallup For Polls They Don’t Like
The Obama Administration’s Justice Department announced, on August 22nd, that it was joining a lawsuit by a former Gallup employee and whistleblower against the Gallup Corporation for allegedly overcharging the … Continue reading

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Obamacare = Euthanasia

I just saw one of the crafty Dick Morris’s “lunch-time” videos about Obamacare.
Pace the White House, the Catholic Healthcare Association, the Fishwrap and the Magisterium of Nuns, Obamacare will result in the rationing of health care. Calculations will be made about whose … Continue reading

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Pres. Obama and four treaties which would harm the USA

I saw an interesting video on DickMorris.com. Here is the caption:
President Obama is about to sign four treaties which surrender our sovereignty, enact gun control, cede the power to go to war to the U.N., and tell us how … Continue reading

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