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Dogs in packs. Chillingly amusing. Amusingly chilling.

There is a primeval, visceral connection between canidae and hominid. This video is both amusing and also disturbing. Funny, no? Until the baying you hear is because the pack has picked up your scent. Just to continue this downer… if … Continue reading

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Funeral for… what?

No wonder the Church is struggling in Belgium. From Tradition in Action and Amor de la Verdad: Catholic funeral for a dog in Belgium It happened on April 22, 2015 in the city of Sambreville, Belgium, in St. Victor Church of Auvelais. [D. … Continue reading

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Dogs. Cats. Different?

This was amusing.  I really need amusing today. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uMW-dM-BDu0&feature=player_embedded

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Something funny for Friday

Since it’s Friday, and since I was down about something today, it is time to post something funny. I’ve posted it before, but it is still funny!  

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Dogs in church – an interesting case

Haven’t we all seen the movie or TV show or read the book in which our hero is protected by his faithful but mortally wounded dog?  Our hero – incredibly tough and even sometimes cold-blooded, now weeping has to put … Continue reading

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Justice now! Stop the discrimination!

In a homily entitled “…and Mary was welcomed,” preached at the Pax Christi National Assembly on 22 July, retired Detroit Auxiliary Bishop His Excellency Most Reverend Thomas Gumbleton opined that there are Scriptural arguments in support of the ordination of … Continue reading

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Anglican eucharist for the “other specied”

About eucharistic communion for the "other specied" members. I learned this morning about an Anglican giving their version of communion to a dog!  If you are worried about Our Lord’s admonition in Matthew 7:6, don’t.  No sacrament was violated because … Continue reading

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