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WDTPRS Easter Sunday: “Be sprigs!”

We observed the Sacred Triduum: the priesthood was celebrated, the Eucharistic Christ was reposed and the altar stripped, the Passion was sung and the Cross was kissed.  Our liturgical death was complete.  Then in the evening, in some places even … Continue reading

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Easter, customs, food and you!

It is a beautiful custom today to bring special foods to church for the priest’s blessings before Easter. Back at my home parish in my native place, people would bring things and, lined up at the Communion rail, we … Continue reading

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WDTPRS Easter Thursday – diversity and wholeness

The Collect for the Ordinary Form and the Extraordinary Form caught my eye:
Deus, qui diversitatem gentium in confessione tui nominis adunasti,
da, ut renatis fonte baptismatis
una sit fides mentium et pietas actionum.
This is a modern tinkering with an ancient prayer. In … Continue reading

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WDTPRS: 3rd Sunday of Easter – COLLECT (2002MR): restored in the glory of spiritual adoption

COLLECT: (2002 Missale Romanum):
Semper exsultet populus tuus, Deus,
renovata animae iuventute,
ut, qui nunc laetatur in adoptionis se gloriam restitutum,
resurrectionis diem spe certae gratulationis exspectet.
The genitives, adoptionis…resurrectionis… gratulationis, give the end of this collect a very cohesive feeling.
O God, let your … Continue reading

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SSPX reaction to the Anglican Ordinariate and the recent converts

Long-time participant HE alerted me to the following from the site of the SSPX.
They are happy about the reception of so many former Anglicans entering into the Roman obedience.
As you know, Anglicans are able to enter full union with the … Continue reading

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PASCHALCAzT 51: Easter Thursday – You who arrive only at the eleventh hour

These 5 minute daily podcasts are intended to give you a small boost every day and a little insight into Easter and its Octave.
Today is Wednesday in the Octave of Easter. Happy Easter to all!
The Roman Station is … Continue reading

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Easter weirdness

From a reader:
My wife and I attended the Easter vigil last night and while it was
well done for a NO Mass, I still rankled at few bits. Today, Sunday
morning, I was not able to attend at our usual parish, but … Continue reading

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WDTPRS: Easter Sunday (1962MR): the remedy of eternity

We have come to the high point of the Church’s liturgical year.  Each year Holy Church sacramentally re-presents the history of our salvation from creation to Second Coming together with the earthly life of the Lord from conception and birth … Continue reading

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Happy Easter everyone!

I wish a happy and grace-filled Easter to you and yours.
Let us know what you have going one for Easter!

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NYC, Manhattan: EASTER SUNDAY at Holy Innocents

If you are in or around NYC, consider coming to Holy Innocents on 37th (btwn Broadway and 7th) for Triduum ceremonies in the Extraordinary Form.
Fr. Zuhlsdorf – Celebrant
Missa cantata 10 AM
Chant Propers
Plainsong Mass I: Lux et origo
Sunday Vespers 3 PM
Fr. … Continue reading

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