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Seeking Jesus outside Church? Pope Francis says: “Dangerous and harmful”

His Holiness Pope Francis said during his last Wednesday audience before the summer break that those who believe that they can have a relationship with Jesus outside the Church are on a harmful and dangerous path.
From AsiaNews, which has more … Continue reading

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GUEST POST: A Baptist Pastor asks for thoughts

I received this, which I bring to the readership’s attention:
Greetings Father Z,
I am a Baptist Pastor and a fan of your blog. Recently, I read the following thread on a Christianity forum. I asked the original poster if he’d mind … Continue reading

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ACTION ITEM! An idea for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity!

Today we begin the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.
Admit it.  You forgot this, right?
I must confess that, in the past, I have been a little… what to say… lukewarm?… about this Week for Christian Unity.  But we really need … Continue reading

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Scalia on wymymprysts. Make popcorn!

There was another fake women’s ordination the other day.  Elizabeth Scalia has excellent comments.
Context: A granny from  Long Island went through a fake ordination.  She babbled to someone in the the press, who lapped it up with gusto.
This is amazing … Continue reading

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WaPo: Homosexual Episcopal bishop dictates to Catholics what we should believe

I saw in WaPo that the homosexual Episcopalian ex-bishop of New Hampshire is telling Catholics what their doctrine and discipline should be.
This serves as a follow-up to my post about Protestants who deign to determine for Catholics what ordination really is and … Continue reading

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Women-priest fakers allow Protestants to define who Catholics are. There must be consequences.

When anti-Catholic ecumenical atrocities take place, Catholic bishops should act.
Here is an example which calls for consequences.
From WTAX in Kentucky:
Kentucky woman ordained as priest in defiance of Roman Catholic Church [Note either the carelessness or the bias? She was not ordained … Continue reading

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Pope Francis: “it is not possible to find Jesus outside the Church”

Dissenters and liberals are not going to like this.
Today in the Pauline Chapel of the Apostolic Palace, Pope Francis celebrated Mass for his Name Day, the Feast of St. George.   There is a transcript.
Among the things the Holy Father … Continue reading

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What Did St. Francis Really Say? – 3

Now that we have a Pope named Francis, and all sorts of people are making references to St. Francis of Assisi in an attempt to pigeonhole this new Pope, we should consider who Francis of Assisi really was, what he … Continue reading

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Lutheran Ordinariate coming?

Vatican Insider has something today about some Lutherans who are getting nervous about the Holy Father establishing an Ordinariate for Lutherans, along the lines of that which he established for Anglicans.
“A Lutheran ordinariate? That’s a bad sign”
An ordinariate for Lutherans … Continue reading

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Lutheran Ordinariate?

Could there be an Ordinariate for former Lutherans in a way similar to those for former Anglicans?
It is hard for me to see how. Perhaps it could be possible.
From CWN:
The president of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity said … Continue reading

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