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The fruits of mutilation of personal and ecclesial identity

With a tip of the biretta to Rev. Mr. Kandra at Deacon’s Bench, this comes from The Union Democrat (and ironically appropriate title).
I want to preface this with a couple comments.
First, Benedict XVI is the Pope of Christian Unity. Anglicanorum … Continue reading

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Need another reason for Anglicanorum coetibus?

If you were looking for another reason why the Pope Benedict, the Pope of Christian Unity, issued the provisions of Anglicanorum coetibus, take a look at the liturgy recently perpetrated at an Episcopalian church in Pittsburgh.
The whole this is based … Continue reading

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Anglican eucharist for the “other specied”

About eucharistic communion for the "other specied" members.
I learned this morning about an Anglican giving their version of communion to a dog! 
If you are worried about Our Lord’s admonition in Matthew 7:6, don’t.  No sacrament was violated because Anglicans … Continue reading

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