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LENTCAzT 45 – Good Friday: The Twelfth Station

It is Good Friday in the Sacred Triduum. Coincidentally, it is the Feast of St. Dismas, the Good Thief. These 5 minute podcasts are intended to give you a daily boost in your discipline during this holy season.

 http://www.wdtprs.com/lentcazt16/45_lentcazt16.mp3 I … Continue reading

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An Epiphany Prayer to the Magi for Self-Absorbed Promethean Neopelagians

Evelyn Waugh wrote a terrific little book, Helena.  It is about the mother of the Emperor Constantine. In our book, St. Helena, discoverer of the True Cross, prays to the Holy Magi. This is a prayer by and for people … Continue reading

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The Older Courtesies and the Gravitational Pull

A deeper sense of decorum is needed in our worship. The older form of Holy Mass of the Roman Rite, the Usus Antiquior, must return – and will return – in strength.  Recovery of the older form will exert a … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Why bother going to Mass in the state of sin? Fr. Z rants with hellfire and brimstone.

From a reader: Fr. Z I’m struggling to wrap my head around what the point of going to Mass if we’re not in the state of sanctifying grace. My understanding is when we fall from grace, any good works we … Continue reading

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