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CH: Why have confessions dropped off in England but not Kenya?

From the UK’s best Catholic weekly, The Catholic Herald.
Many Catholics in Britain do not grasp how important and rewarding regular Confession can be
Why has the practice dropped off so dramatically here, but not in Italy, say, or Kenya?
By Fr Alexander … Continue reading

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A reader used an Examination of Conscience to identify a sin

A while back I linked to the site of Fr. Tim Finigan’s parish where he has made available different examinations of conscience.

Thank you for this invaluable advice.
I found a check-box style examination of conscience similar to the one you linked … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: If I forget to confess a mortal sin, am I still forgiven?

From a reader:

If i forget to confess a mortal/grave sin in the confessional, when i fully intended to confess it before i walked in, is it still absolved?

If you truly forget to confess something, but otherwise make a good … Continue reading

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Old book for confessors: examination of conscience in different languages

We recently saw from the Congregation for Clergy a guide for confessors along with an examination of conscience for the confessor himself.
While sorting through some things I ran across a fascinating old confessional aid for priests.  It is an examination … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Participation in the sins of other people

Yesterday I posted about the entry at the blog of the USCCB about the benefits of confession.  In that post the subject of “structural sin” came up.  “Structural sin” is something liberals use to mask the reality of personal responsibility … Continue reading

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Cong. for Clergy issues a guide for confessors, with examination of conscience

The Congregation for Clergy issued a guide for confessors entitled The Priest, Minister of Divine Mercy – An Aid for Confessors and Spiritual Directors.
I have read through this once and will eventually comment on it more. I invite priests to … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: How to confess well? I worry I am not doing a good enough job of it.

From a reader:
Hi. I am convert. [… S]ince being brought up in a protestant
tradition and only becoming catholic as an adult, I was never exposed to the traditions, the formality. In our confirmation classes we was taught the believe system … Continue reading

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