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Rite of Exorcism approved in English

On Aleteia I saw a story about the approval by the US bishops, meeting in plenary sessions now, of the English translation of the more recent, 1999 (revised 2004) rite of Exorcism. 179 to 5
It is of vital importance that … Continue reading

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OK CITY: Archbp. Coakley exorcised Civil Center after evil event

I saw this at the Oklahoman:

Satan has left the building.
Roman Catholic Archbishop Paul S. Coakley and a priest performed “prayers of exorcism” to rid the Civic Center Music Hall of evil spirits that may have lingered after a satanic “black … Continue reading

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D. LANSING: Two birds, one lease, less killing. Fr. Z says: “Nuke the place.”

I make suggestions at the end.
At the top, Fr. Z kudos to Bp. Boyea!
From Aleteia:
Catholic Parish Solves Two Problems with One Lease
Catholic Parish, 1; Abortionist, 0.
After years of prayer, a Catholic parish in Lansing, Michigan found a way to get … Continue reading

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A priest asks about exorcisms

From a priest:
I am a young priest in the Diocese of ….. A number of months ago you posted from a conference on exorcism you attended in Tulsa. In one of those posts you said something to the effect that … Continue reading

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Tulsa Day 4 G’Bye

We had a presentation this morning, and some truly useful Q&A, followed by lunch.
Now I’m happily homebound for a few days in the SPTDV.

I warmly recommend this particular conference on exorcism to all priests and only those few others a … Continue reading

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Tulsa Day 3 Exorcism Conference

First, some tools if the trade.

That’s just a little exorcist humor.
Today we are looking more closely at angelology.
Angels and demons ARE REAL.
More later.

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Tulsa Day 2 – Conference

After taking in my recording of Downton last night via my Slingbox and DVR back at the Steam Pipe Trunk Distribution Venue, I crashed and slept the sleep of the dead. Now, refreshed, I am at the conference. I have … Continue reading

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Tulsa Day 1

I am in Tulsa! There is a conference for priests on exorcism sponsored by the Diocese and Bp. Slattery which I have wanted to attend for the last three years.
The evening began, however, with sung (Novus Ordo) vespers in the … Continue reading

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TULSA, OK – 28-30 January: Workshop for Priests on Exorcism, Angelology, Demonology

Once again the Te Deum Institute of Sacred Liturgy, in Tulsa, OK, is sponsoring a workshop for priests on Exorcism, Angelology, Demonology.
I will remind you that Tulsa is where the outstanding Bp. Edward Slattery reigns felicitously.  He has done a great … Continue reading

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REVIEW: Manual of Minor Exorcisms – For the use of Priests (Catholic Truth Society)

I recently received from the UK-based Catholic Truth Society, a copy of their Manual of Minor Exorcisms – For the use of Priests.
And excellent.. excellent… gift for a priest or a transitional deacon about to be ordained (less so for … Continue reading

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