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Blessed Waters and You.

In another entry I answered a question about water suitable for valid baptism.  Someone asked about Holy Water.  Here are a few notes about different blessed waters we Catholics use and enjoy.  This is not meant to be exhaustive, of … Continue reading

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Exorcism of a Community

Troops and officers who go into battle would do well to familiarize themselves with all the weapons at their disposal.  They should know a) that they have them, b) what they do and c) how to use them and when.  … Continue reading

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Tulsa – 24-26 Jan: workshop for priests on the Ministry of Exorcism

This is a note explicitly for priests.
Again, we are given an example of how Bp. Slattery of Tulsa is standing up and doing his work.  Every diocese should have an appointed exorcist.  I believe this is not always the case, … Continue reading

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A priest wonders why there is a revival of exorcists; Fr. Z rants

Take a look at this, from CWN and then… well… just take a look.
Prominent US priest bemused by exorcism conference
Father Richard Vega, a priest of the Archdiocese of band president of the National Federation of Priests Councils, has told The … Continue reading

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Roman exorcist says there are satanic groups in Vatican

There is a CNA post about something which is less than savory.  It might be useful to have some discussion here.
Keep in mind that I discourage prurient interest in things having to do with the enemy of the soul and … Continue reading

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A priest speaks about demonic possession and exorcism

A reader alerted me to the following in The Daily Illini.  This concerns demonic possession and exorcism.
My emphases and comments.
Exorcist shares past experiences with demonic possessionKatie Palmer   October 28th, 2009 – 4:00 AM
With Halloween around the corner and Hollywood … Continue reading

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