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Facebook locks out Catholic priest Msgr. Charles Pope, for being a “Monsignor”

I think I may have mentioned my plan to change legally my first name to “Monsignor”, ’cause that’s about the only way I’ll ever get the title. Irony abounds around my friend Msgr. Charles Pope, in Washington DC, a fine pastor and … Continue reading

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Vatican Radio forging ahead … Facebook page!

When I worked in the Vatican I developed an insight: In the Vatican we update our equipment every 75 years, whether we need to or not. I received a note today that Vatican Radio’s English section has – wait for … Continue reading

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WDTPRS POLL: Social Networks and YOU

Please use the sharing buttons!  Thanks! I am curious about your use of “social networks” such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ just to name a few. Please choose your best answer and then (if you are registered here) leave a comment … Continue reading

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Facebook question, “like” it or not.

I have a Facebook page HERE.  I don’t do much with Facebook, however. Is that bad? I have a question for you knowledgeable readers and veteran Facebook users. I have usually between 4900 and 5000 “friends” on Facebook.  I have … Continue reading

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For the readers: Google +

Okay… educate me and the readers. What is Google Plus about? I understand it is supposed to be an alternative to Facebook. What is this new thing from Skynet… er um…. you know what I mean.

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Facebook “User Operations” writes to apologize

A few days ago, my Facebook account was disabled by Facebook.  No warning.  No explanation.  No response when I wrote to them with inquiries using their proper forms, etc.  After a couple days, I wrote again.  I just received this … Continue reading

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I don’t understand Facebook

Try as I might, I just can’t get my head around Facebook. Now I have discovered that by Facebook account has been disabled, for reasons I cannot guess at. No warning.  No explanation.  Just disabled. Anyone have experience with this … Continue reading

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