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QUAERITUR: Can the priest say the older, Latin Mass ‘facing the people’?

From a reader:
A local retired priest wishes to begin offering the EF of the Mass, but he wishes to offer it versus populum. He honestly believes he has that option. Is there a specific Church document forbidding this? If I … Continue reading

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WDTPRS POLL: What direction do you prefer for the altar?

We have had a few entries lately about the position of the altar.  Let’s have a quick poll.
Please pick the best answer and share your reasons in the combox, below.
I believe non-registered reader may be able to vote.

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QUAERITUR: Where did Mass “facing the people” come from?

We should network our brain power for this.  Father’s tired.
From a reader:
I once wrote (by invitation) an article for a diocesan newspaper in which I mentioned, inter alia, that Vatican II never called for the priest to face the people, … Continue reading

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