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Some reader feedback

From a reader…
I wanted to thank you for your wonderful blog. I’ve been following you for a while and I wanted to let you know how grateful I am. I’m a convert who comes from a family of radical leftists. My aunt … Continue reading

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Feedback that gets to me

Occasionally I get feedback that really helps. Today I received this:

This, friends, gets to me.
The token she mentions is something from my wish list, a recording of The Passion of Saint Thomas More by composer Garrett Fisher. US HERE – … Continue reading

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A priest writes with gratitude to you readers

From a priest reader comes some feedback for you readers…
I am the recently ordained priest who offered the ordinary form in Latin for a community within in parish that is accustomed to the extraordinary rite.
Thank you so much for your … Continue reading

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Reader Feedback and Your Voicemail and Biretta Project Request (Octogenarian)

I think my Guardian Angel prompted some good feedback over the last few hours.  I really needed it.
First, from a reader:
Based on your recommendation, my wife and I watched The Nightingale last night – US HERE – UK HERE (French version). … Continue reading

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Reader Feedback

UPDATE 31 Jan:
I had a call from the hate mail sender’s provider.  They did their own investigation.  We talked about the option of contacting law enforcement.   Since we are about to takeoff (I’m on an airplane) i couldn’t pursue … Continue reading

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Feedback like this makes it worthwhile

From a reader:
I want to quickly let you know how much I appreciate you constantly pushing confession in your blog. I made my first confession in nearly two and a half years last night, and was finally able to receive … Continue reading

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Reader Feedback: the Knox Version

Do you remember my brief review of the new edition by Baronius Press of Ronald Knox’s translation of the Bible? HERE.
To buy it US HERE and UK HERE.
I received this today from a reader:
Through your link I purchased the Ronald Knox translation of the … Continue reading

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Reader Feedback: To priests who hear confessions.

From a reader:
Reverend and dear Father:
I would like to thank you and all priests.
Because of your blog and other priests’ blogs on the net I have gone to a full and complete confession for the first time in years.
It is really … Continue reading

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