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More about #indefectibility – Wherein Fr. Z rants about Popes, Councils, Priests.

I’ve had a lot of notes from people about a post from yesterday.
I have, once again today, prayed the prayer I mentioned.  I am going to make this part of my routine for the foreseeable future.
Also, in regard to indefectibility, … Continue reading

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Evangelii gaudium 138: Sermons should be brief. How brief is “brief”? POLL

Are we now too impatient to receive even good preaching?  Should we, therefore, dumb preaching down?
Those who are familiar with the Fathers of the Church know all too well that their sermons were often pretty long, well over an hour.  Think of … Continue reading

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“I find your lack of faith … invalidating.”

All around Rome there is buzz that soon we may be seeing something from the Holy See about the issue of Communion for divorced/remarried couples.  Of course there would be, right?  There is a synod on the family coming up.
This … Continue reading

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Benedict XVI’s sermon at Holy Mass in Erfurt

Pope Benedict celebrated Holy Mass in Erfurt, Germany.  Here is the sermon.
A highlight:
“you have had to endure first a brown and then a red dictatorship”
“We have no wish to hide in a purely private faith….”
My emphases and comments:
“Praise the Lord … Continue reading

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