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What Fr. Z really said when interviewed by Adam Shaw of Fox News

Recently, Adam Shaw of FNC published quotes from me in a piece online about the dynamics that are developing in the Church during the pontificate of Pope Francis.
I am now getting email asking me about this.
The interview Adam Shaw conducted … Continue reading

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Liz Trotta’s great commentary about abortion on FNC

A few minutes ago I switched on the TV and saw on Fox News an amazing commentary piece by Liz Trotta about “pro-choice”, “pro-life”, the ramifications of abortion.
Holy Cow!
Please keep your eyes peeled for the online video of that commentary.
UPDATE 21 … Continue reading

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Summit “Soap Sisters” Sighting on TV. Involves also the Shroud of Turin. No. Really.

On FNC there was a great spot about the Soap Sisters in New Jersey, the Dominican Sisters of Our Lady of the Rosary.
Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com
I have written about the “Soap Sisters” quite a few times and I … Continue reading

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FNC: Hemmer interviews Obama surrogate: hijinx and anti-Catholicism result

I saw on FNC Bill Hemmer’s interview of two talking heads, Monica Crowley (conservative pundette) and Christopher Hahn (former aide to Sen. Chuck Schumer D-NY).  I hope they post the video of this surprising exchange.
The wonks were reacting to the … Continue reading

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Card. Dolan interviewed by Bill O’Reilly

Last night His Eminence Timothy Card. Dolan was on with Bill O’Reilly on FNC.  O’Reilly actually let him get a word in.
This is the first part of the interview. I understand that the rest of it will be posted elsewhere. … Continue reading

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Dr. Krauthammer on Pres. Obama’s attack on “corporate jets”

Were Charles Krauthammer to run for President I might just vote for him.  Just think of the great press conferences and State of the Union addresses.
Yesterday, Dr. K had provide Special Report on Fox News Channel a blistering and at … Continue reading

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Mercilessly grilled under the lights

Okay… grilled is a little melodramatic.
I was at the Newscorp Building where Fox News Channel is ensconced to tape some Q&A for some upcoming projects my good friend Greg Burke, FNC’s Rome correspondent, is preparing.
Some people will probably look at … Continue reading

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