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Fishwrap: The Church is evil for having different roles for women, so we might have to leave.

I wonder if most of the writers for the Fishwrap (aka National Schismatic Reporter) – deep down – hate the Church.
That’s a horrible thought, but how else can one explain this sort of thing?
An article about how evil the Church is … Continue reading

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More weird sex stuff at Jesuit-run Fordham University

Why is it that when really weird things occur or bad ideas surface you can almost always find a Jesuit involved?
I received this note from the Cardinal Newman Society this morning.
So Fordham has approved the creation of “gender neutral” bathrooms … Continue reading

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Fordham Feminist: You will be assimilated!

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It is almost as if Jesuit-run entities, such as universities and magazines, were at war with the US Bishops.
I picked this up from the Cardinal Newman Society which keeps an eye on what’s going on at … Continue reading

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CNS: Fordham U. Prof. defends late-term abortionist Tiller as “compassionate”

From the Cardinal Newman Society:
Fordham Prof. Defends Late-Term Abortionist Tiller As “Compassionate.”
A professor at a Catholic college, who also sits on the board of a pro-abortion rights organization, described late term abortionist George Tiller as “compassionate” and said she … Continue reading

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USCCB doctrine committee confirmed its position on the theological work of Sr. Elizabeth Johnson

Remember Sr. Elizabeth Johnson?  Teacher at the Jesuit-run Fordham University?  She wrote some things about the Holy Trinity that seemed to the US Bishops not to be exactly in line with Catholic doctrine and was called on it.  She objected. … Continue reading

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Sr. Elizabeth Johnson and the Bl. Virgin Mary

From Good Jesuit, Bad Jesuit we find something from New Oxford Review:
In Truly Our Sister, Elizabeth Johnson reveals that feminists have a grudge against Mary for standing above them as the Virgin Mother of Christ. Johnson, a Sister … Continue reading

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