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When the priest confessor doesn’t use the proper Form of Absolution. Wherein Fr. Z advises.

Everyone should go to confession regularly.
That said, sometimes it can happen that you will have a less than edifying experience of the priest confessor.  Do not fret!
This even happened to me, recently.  While out on the road, I stopped at … Continue reading

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ASK FATHER: When confessing, do I have to hear, understand the absolution for it to be valid?

From a reader:
A confessor I go to has recently made it his practice to whisper the words of absolution while I am saying the Act of Contrition. The first time he did this I did not catch it and after … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Form of absolution was just “I absolve you of your sins.”

From a reader:
I went to confession at a neighboring parish that had recently received a 70-something priest who I know to be a bit free-wheeling as far as anything liturgical or doctrinal. This made me nervous going, but I needed … Continue reading

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Ever experience a priest who doesn’t say the correct words of absolution? UPDATE

I get reams of email from people who, during confession, run into priests who don’t (or won’t) say the proper words of absolution, thus throwing them into doubts about whether or not they were validly absolved.
Under another entry I facetiously … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: I heard “excommunication” in the words of absolution!

From a reader:
While I am praying my Act of Contrition in the Confessional, I hear
the priest praying in Latin. Sometime I hear him say the Latin word
for excommunication and this always makes me afraid that he has judged
that one of … Continue reading

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